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  • Model: SI-95116

SI-95116 UPC 752875951160
Long, realistically detailed and incredibly satisfying, the Inflatable Stud expands thrillingly for perfect customization of the pleasure pursuit at hand. Extra lengthy, far-reaching and nice and (relatively) slim to start, the Stud penetrates smoothly, a firmer core under a supple layer of silky latex makes for lots of stable maneuverability.
A simple pump ball connects to the Stud with a length of non-crimping cord- a few squeezes will see the shaft expand incrementally width and length-wise as air fills the space between the core and the surface layer- simply keep up the pressure until the shaft is as thick as desired. As with any inflatable toy, caution needs to be exercised to prevent over-inflation- about 20 squeezes seems to be the approximate max, at this point, the Stud will have nearly doubled in thickness. A quick release button instantly deflates the Stud back to default size.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 September, 2015.

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