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  • Model: IND-104-100-11

PRODID: IND-104-100-11
UPC: 881247203252

About this Product
- Comfortable to use. The Hoki Cleaners premium medical enema bulb kit is ultra soft yet firm and flexible, to ensure a comfortable experience.
- Premium materials. The nozzle and the bulb are made of soft PVC. This douche is designed for vaginal or anal use - a perfect douche for men and women.
- Well-designed. The Hoki Cleaners easy-squeeze enema bulb has a 310ml/10.48 fl oz capacity, with a thin nozzle, approx 12.5cm/4.92in in length, and designed for comfortable entry.
- Included in this set. Set comes with one round slotted tip nozzle, which is perfect for comfortable entry, and one high quality bulb. The nozzle is smooth and long, allowing for comfortable and deep penetration.

- Make sure the person receiving the enema is relaxed and calm. It is much harder to insert the enema and its contents if the muscles are tight.
- There might be some liquid that leaks out, therefore have towels handy for cleaning.
- Ensure your cleansing session is comfortable and efficient with this easy to use enema bulb.

Easy to Use
The Hoki Cleaners enema is perfect for people onthe go, and cleanup is a breeze.Simply fill the bulb with comfortably warm liquid,screw on the nozzle, insert anally or vaginally,and squeeze to release. This experience is notonly pleasurable, but will leave you clean andrefreshed.The nozzle screws onto the bulb for minimal tono leakage. Bulb and nozzle can be safelycleaned with vinegar, soap and warm water.When not in use, the nozzle can be unscrewed,flipped around, and stored inside the bulb.

- Body safe, hygienically superior cleaning system
- Fill with your favorite liquid
- Easy squeeze bulb
- Disassembles for easy cleaning
- Holds up to 310ml/10.48 fl oz

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